Grant Geissman makes the cover of JazzWeek

Feature interview about Say That! and the sad state of smooth jazz...

The January 30, 2006 issue of JazzWeek, a radio industry publication that goes out to jazz and smooth jazz radio stations and other interested parties, carried a long feature interview with Grant about the Say That! album, and the sad state of smooth jazz.

Here is a blurb about that issue of JazzWeek:
"Grant Geissman has been outspoken about his disdain for the direction smooth jazz radio has taken, and the guitarist has taken a much different tack on his latest album. Music Editor Tad Hendrickson catches up with Grant for a frank discussion."

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  1. Hey Grant, I totally agree with your disdain for SmoothJazz's new direction which basically is pushing anything thta has Jazz elements of the playlist, go figure. Here in Naples/FT Myers, Florida,the parent company, ClearChannel has stopped The Smooth Jazz format altogethre and replaced it with dance grooes like Madonna, etc. The same happened in Ft Lauderdale/Miami when Smooth Jazz station 39.9 got dumped for a similiar format, WHY?? ClearChannel's fault! And here's why.For the past 3 years or so, I would call up Smooth Jazz station here in Ft Myeres and complain that they were playing Dido, Phil Collins, and Robin Thicke, all pop artists with no jazz elements. What I was told by station managers and DJ's was that Clear Channel's audience requested those artists, WHAT?? I didn't buy it then and not now, and now, one by one Smooth Jazz radio is becoming obscure. I heard a cut or two from you new CD and it's defineately COOL.I'm a working guitarist here in Florida,jazz,light rock and blues, and worked with many people in Chicago in the first stages of my career that you may know, Billy Myers, Randy Waldman, etc and they're doing great in L.A. and have the utmost respect for them.I wish sucess for you also and continued sucess. By the way, your old boss , Mr Mangione sat in with me at Tommy Bahamas about 7 years ago after one of his gigs at Naples Philharmonic, it was a good time! Serenity, Nevada Smith