New video of the song "Chuck and Chick"


  1. Great stuff. You and Chuck need to do more! Again!

  2. Excellent excellent excellent! What a captured both Chuck's and Chick's flavors perfectly in the tune. 2 of my favorite artists together....I was a 13 year old band geek when Feels So Good hit, and suddenly it seemed quite a lot hipper to be in Jazz Band...I still have the Music Minus One "Studio City" LP that you were on with the Northridge band, it helped me get the alternate bass chair with the McDonalds NYC-area jazz ensemble in my senior year. Those were great times of musical discovery. I went on into jazz in college, was fortunate to get to play with Red Rodney, Clark Terry, Mike Brecker, Jiggs Whigham, Dr Billy Taylor, Carl Fontana and many others thru my involvement in the college jazz ensemble and later in a pro jazz orchestra. My HS band teacher started me off on the path, and I feel it was good that there was enough crossover into the mainstream (some may say sellout but I felt the musical integrity was still there) which then pulled a lot of us young'uns headlong into jazz. So thanks for your contributions to the music, great job on Men n Monk, and of course, Axolotl!

  3. Been a fan of both Chuck & Chick for - well, too long. But just rediscovered this amazing guitarist whom I saw perform Land of Make Believe in the 70's - so glad to hear this! Nice job, Grant!

    1. Thanks for that, JP! I have a new CD coming out in July; please keep an eye out for it!
      --Grant G.